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The SNSI e-Learning Crossover contains 9 Lessons and covers all information needed by the Instructor to develop the main SNSI Programs. At the end of each lesson, you will have to pass a simple test that will help you to memorize the information received. Lesson 10 is the Final Exam that will help you to memorize the information received in the previous 9 lessons and from reading the SNSI training material.

Each lesson is split into Topics, there is a minimum time to stay on each topic before being allowed to press the button ‘completed‘ and go to the next one.

In those topics where a video is included, you will have to watch the video before being allowed to sign the topic as ‘Completed’ by pressing the Button.

If you leave the computer or if you remain inactive for a certain amount of time a Pop-Up window will appear to ask you if you are still there.

In the right sidebar you see your Course Progression Bar, you can visit only the completed topics.

The system records your progress and when you exit from the Course, at the next login you have to press the Resume button to continue your course.

To get the maximum from this Course we suggest the following:

  • Read and download all the Training Material you will find in the ‘Training MaterialTAB in each topic.
  • Read all the Concept Maps and the written texts in each topic and review the Training Material when something is not clear;
  • Complete all Quizzes;

This program provides you all the knowledge needed to use the SNSI Traning System.

In the table below all the Lessons are listed included all Quizzes. You must proceed in to the lessons following the order: it is required to finish one lesson to be allowed to enter into the following one.